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Dynamic Extractions

Dynamic Extractions 890, Plymouth Rd, Slough
SL1 4LP Berkshire United Kingdom
Phone: +44(0) 1753 696979
Fax: +44(0) 1753 696976

Dynamic Extractions is a UK specialist chromatography company which develops novel separation technologies, providing chemists and chromatographers with new tools to meet their separation challenges today and into the future, thereby building and expanding their purification capability.

These chromatography technologies are employed in drug research, development and production, performing purification and isolation on compounds that range from small molecule compounds to complex macro-molecular substances and provide effective means of purification for milligram through to kilo quantities.

We currently focus on CounterCurrent Chromatography (CCC) and have produced the next generation of CCC equipment, known as high performance CCC (HPCCC). These new products allow separations to be performed in minutes rather than hours and coupled with very low solvent use can truly be described as a Greener technology. We also provide this equipment in the largest available range, which enables companies to use it throughout the development process: another capability that was not previously possible.

The company moved into new premises on the Slough trading estate, approximately 10 miles from London's Heathrow airport, early in 2006. In addition to offices the site includes workshop facilities, where we assemble, inspect & test our products, and a laboratory equipped to support our global pharmaceutical customers.

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