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ChemBridge 11199 Sorrento Valley Rd., Suite 206
92121 San Diego
CA United States
Phone: (858) 451-7401

For 18 years ChemBridge Corporation has been a global provider of enabling chemistry products and contract research services for small molecule drug discovery. Our extensive portfolio includes over 700,000 diverse and target-focused screening compounds, 13,000 chemical building blocks, our on-line chemical store, and high-end, research-intensive custom library and synthetic/medicinal chemistry services.

ChemBridge’s impeccable track record of innovation, quality and deliverability started with pioneering the first 3D-pharmacophore-based diversity library in 1995, and implementing 100% NMR compound quality control and 100% bar-code-based compound sample processing in 1996. Today, our track record includes over 20 million screening compounds provided to hundreds of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and academic/non-profit organizations worldwide. These compounds have supported small molecule discovery and development programs industry and have enabled many scientific discoveries in academia, as featured in over 600 publications in leading research journals. Our track record of success as a discovery chemistry CRO includes major multi-year research collaborations with leading pharmaceutical companies including Pfizer, Merck and AstraZeneca. In each of these strategic alliances, ChemBridge research teams, involving from 20 to 120 scientists, exceeded all the clients’ expectations, which led to multiple awards and collaboration term extensions.

ChemBridge is a privately held US company founded in Chicago in 1993. Since 1997 ChemBridge has been headquartered in San Diego where sales, marketing, customer support, and administration are located. The continued growth of ChemBridge’s online chemical store,, as well as growth of ChemBridge’s building block business, led to a recent relocation of the company headquarters. ChemBridge’s new, custom-built facility in San Diego provides room for a larger US-based Rush stock of building blocks and hit re-supply screening compounds and for an expanded customer support team. ChemBridge is more than just compounds, and our business is not over once your compounds have delivered. ChemBridge’s experienced, dedicated and friendly hit re-supply and customer support team takes pride in providing over 300,000 hit re-supply compounds to our screening library clients with a record-setting 99.8% availability rate.

ChemBridge has a European sales and business development representative based in the United Kingdom as well as distributors in Japan, China, and Korea. Complimenting these resources, ChemBridge is managing an offshore chemistry research and order packaging site in Moscow, Russia. The Moscow research team includes synthetic and analytical chemists and a cheminformatics group with extensive experience working on challenging custom library and discovery chemistry projects for major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

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