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CalBiochem/EMD Biosciences
Phone: 1 800 854 3417
Through EMD Biosciences / Merck Biosciences, the product brands provide a single source for a broad range of optimum quality research products used worldwide in disease-related life science research. With more than 15,000 products in our portfolio, we offer innovative solutions to scientists at the cutting edge of research.

Calbiochem® Biochemicals offers a wide range of biochemicals and kits for the study of disease states, signal transduction, apoptosis, cell cycle and protein chemistry research. Calbiochem® Biochemicals also carries a comprehensive range of general biochemicals including detergents and proteases.

Calbiochem® Immunochemicals offers high quality immunochemical reagents. In January 2004, the immunochemical product lines of Calbiochem® and Oncogene Research Products™ consolidated to form a broader immunochemical product line under the Calbiochem® Immunochemicals brand. Calbiochem® Immunochemicals supplies innovative, high quality, application tested antibodies and assay kits in many research areas, including apoptosis, cancer, cell cycle and proliferation.

The Novabiochem® brand is the industry leader in the manufacture of innovative resins and reagents for peptide synthesis, solid phase organic chemistry and combinatorial chemistry. The Novabiochem® brand is highly respected worldwide for the wealth of technical information available in catalogs and online.

The Novagen® brand offers world-class protein expression and purification products. With the expansion in proteomics research, the Novagen® brand is well placed to support scientists with tools for sample preparation and high-throughput purification and expression systems.


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