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Phone: 1-800-645-3050
Comprehensive, world-class systems of the highest quality — Brinkmann builds partnerships with premier instrument manufacturers from around the world, giving you access to a broad selection of the highest quality products and systems from Büchi®, Eco Chemie, Eppendorf®, KINEMATICA, Lauda®, Metrohm®, Radleys Discovery Technologies, Riedel-de Haën, Seward, and Tuttnauer, in addition to Brinkmann brands.

Our products are distinguished by innovative design, durability, reliability, and value — the advantages we look for when selecting partners. We integrate the products we represent with accessories, interface them with computers and printers, and build complete laboratory systems to meet your specific needs. At Brinkmann there's a direct line between total systems and total satisfaction.

* High-quality, durable products — the most reliable, least costly long-term investment; reduce downtime and repair costs, and maintain productivity.
* Easy-to-use, user-serviceable equipment — facilitates operation, improves productivity, and saves repair costs.
* Ergonomic design — increases user comfort, reduces strain even during prolonged use.
* Built-in safety features — help ensure user safety and compliance with safety regulations and procedures.
* ISO 9001 certified products — assures that our products are developed and manufactured to high quality standards.
* Customization of product designs — helps meet future applications, and minimizes additional product purchases.


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