Bioscreening Company Directory


BoroChem 7 rue Alfred Kastler
14000 Caen France
BoroChem is a privately held company founded in August 2005 by Dr. Alexandre Bouillon and headquartered in Caen, France.

BoroChem designs, develops, manufactures and commercializes original and novel organoboron building blocks and fine chemicals for private and public research teams in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, biotechnological, and agrochemical industries.

BoroChem provides rare and valued boron-based catalogue compounds and multistep custom synthesis of complex organoboron molecules. Our core products are boronic acids, boronic esters, trifluoroborates and boron salts, boro-amino acids, poly(het)aryls and halogenated heterocycles.

Our catalogue of 600 chemical synthesis intermediates is regularly expanded with new compounds issued from the cutting edge academic laboratories.

Our production capabilities are available from several milligrams for complex molecules to kilo scale. Furthermore, all products are rigorously analyzed for identity and purity, including GC, LC-Mass and NMR.

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