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Biobide S.L.

Biobide S.L. Spain
Phone: 0034 943309360
Biobide is a Biotechnology company founded in June 2005 on an automated High Throughput Screening (HTS) of potential new drugs. Our goal is to introduce a different service screening concept into the market by using zebrafish as model organism. Biobide is structured around a technology Platform with two key components, BIOTECHNOLOGY and AUTOMATION, which are brought together to offer the industry and the scientific community an innovate model for the drug development process.

• Biotechnology: zebrafish as screening tool (in vivo model with a high degree of genetic homology with humans, >85%).
• Automation tools: robotics, bioinformatics, optical analysis, etc.


Description The service we offer at present is the CARDIOTOX ASSAY: through this test we can detect early drugs that induce a QT interval prolongation in humans when is applied to transgenic zebra fish, within the framework of the Risk Assessment (ICH guide S7B).

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