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6205 Luzern Switzerland

We, a team of experienced biotech PR consultants with a life sciences background and excellent media contacts, have set up a specialized press release distribution service for the biotech industry. All our media titles are hand-picked during many years in business.

B3C newswire media network stands out for its quality and reach targeting print, online and social media for subjects related to biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, or health care. In addition, B3C provides access to a targeted Twitter network and biotech social media for maximum visibility and awareness of your news.

Up to date media lists with unrivaled reach and quality


Our media lists are updated after each PR distribution.
No other PR distribution service has such an in-depth biotech media network and know-how and assumes duties of a retained and experienced PR agency.

Aside from news distribution, we offer a complete range of support services - from preparing your news release to editing and translation and even online news monitoring. All of these services are at your disposal to simplify your communication processes. For more information click here.

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