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Phone: 781-994-0300
ArQule is a biotechnology company engaged in the research and development of cancer therapeutics. Our mission is to research, develop, and commercialize broadly effective cancer drugs with reduced toxicities compared to conventional cancer chemotherapeutics. ArQule develops cancer therapies based on our innovative and proprietary Activated Checkpoint TherapySM (ACTSM) platform by applying a unique molecular biology approach that leverages automated chemistries and intelligent drug design.

The ACTSM platform is designed to produce small molecule compounds that selectively kill cancer cells while leaving normal cells unharmed. Based on the knowledge that cancer cells fail to adequately respond to cell damage, ACTSM is intended to restore and activate the proofreading mechanism by which cells respond to this damage, and consequently initiate apoptosis (cell suicide). Unlike conventional chemotherapy, ArQule’s ACTSM platform bypasses the need to create further damage to cells, by directly activating the cancer cell checkpoints. The intended result is a less toxic class of drugs that will be more effective across multiple cancer types than chemotherapy.

Our most advanced drug candidate, ARQ 501, entered Phase 1 clinical development in September 2003, for cancer patients with solid tumors. Additional ACTSM research programs are in varying stages of preclinical discovery and development. ARQ 501 is the most advanced candidate from our E2F modulation program, which we are developing in partnership with Roche.

ArQule has made a strong commitment to basic research and the programs in our pipeline are the direct result of our internal discovery efforts. As we have done since 1993, ArQule continues to provide high-quality library design and compound production to pharmaceutical collaborators. Our largest collaboration is with Pfizer and extends through 2008. The cash flow from our chemistry services offsets the cost of our internal cancer drug discovery and development programs.


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