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Amber MolTech LLC

Amber MolTech LLC 625 Dawson Dr
19713 Newark United States
Amber MolTech LLC. is a pharmaceutical-chemical based biotechnology company. Its ultimate goal is to provide better service and support to pharmaceutical R&D needs by providing unique molecular design and synthesis technologies. Our products and services cover a wide spectrum of pharmaceutical R&D process, which include building blocks, drug-like compounds, medicinal chemistry related FTE projects, outsourcing and service consultations, etc. The clients include pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies and related research institutes in the US, Europe and Japan. The company has an established medicinal/organic chemistry based platform for increasing efficiency, quality and speed.
Amber MolTech LLC. is a certified HI-Tech company, located in the U.S.A. The company is growing with experienced technical and business personnel. The company's high levels of expertise of people with hand-on working experience from the world's large pharmaceutical companies, along with it platform and business planning and approach, enable the company to achieve its goal and better serve to its customers and clients in this dynamic global pharmaceutical market place.

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