Bioscreening Company Directory


AllLab PO#148
03150 Kyiv Ukraine
AllLab is growing team, which gazed together highly qualified staff who are ready to work with you in providing of novel research compounds and services for life science based industries. The main goal of our company is to offer high quality, cost and timely effective organic compound synthesis to our customers.
Our staff consists of highly qualified and experienced personnel including 7 scientists with doctoral degree level.

Exclusive customized services is currently the fastest growing company’s division.

Our collection of compounds is continuously increasing and exceeds over 20 000 in-house compounds available in requested amounts. It includes stock and virtual screening compounds, template-based compounds, building blocks. Updates and additions to our General Stock are made on a regular basis.

We guarantee absolute correspondence of our chemicals to the ordered chemical structures. Quality and compound purity control is provided by NMR spectrometry with a purity of 95-98%. NMR, MASS spectra are sent on your request.

We offer high quality products, fast delivery and very competitive prices.
Please contact for any questions, comments, and offers.

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