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Alchem Pharmtech

Phone: 510-339-6937
Alchem offers the advantage of having laboratories and experienced chemists both in the U.S. and in China. This allows us to offer you the high levels of quality and customer service associated with U.S. based companies combined with the competitive pricing advantages of working with a Chinese based company. We currently offer more than 2600 novel building blocks and intermediates, most of which are unique to Alchem. These include novel amines, protected amines, unnatural amino acids, ketones, aldehydes, heterocycles, isotonic anhydrides, boronic acids and chiral intermediates. Our chemists typically synthesize and add more than fifty new compounds to our catalog every month. Minimum purity is 95%. Compounds are available in amounts from 1g to kg scale and most are in stock.
Custom Synthesis is one of our main focuses. Our experienced medicinal chemists can provide both small and large scale synthesis at very reasonable prices while ensuring timely delivery and a high level of customer service. Our areas of expertise include low temperature organo-metallic reactions, high pressure hydrogenation, asymmetric synthesis & chiral compound synthesis and resolution. We are also highly experienced in the synthesis of various substituted pyridines, boronic acids, novel amines, indoles & azaindoles and other multi-functionalized heterocyclic compounds.


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