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Albany Molecular
Phone: 1-518-464-0279
AMRI's natural products extract screening libraries are an excellent source of chemical diversity derived from natural products.

Representing years of collection and isolation, our natural products libraries include over 100,000 samples and comprise one of the world's most extensive collections of extracts derived from nature.

AMRI's diversity-rich libraries are an excellent starting point for a drug discovery program. And with our expertise in a host of complementary, natural products-related technologies--such as analytical separation, purification and structure elucidation, we can follow-up on hits from our collections. Moreover, significant advances in these technologies have made working with natural products much more efficient. Natural products can be considered in combination with techniques such as combinatorial chemistry, biocatalysis, computational chemistry and mimetics development.

Historically, many important medicines--such as cholesterol-lowering agents, antibiotics and anticancer medications--are derived from natural products. More than ever, natural products represent a broad source of chemical diversity and potential drug leads.


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