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AkzoNobel Strawinskylaan 2555
1077 ZZ Amsterdam Netherlands

AkzoNobel is proud to be one of the world’s leading industrial companies with 57,000 employees worldwide and 2009 revenues of €13.9 billion. In the U.S., AkzoNobel has 8,000 employees working in 450 locations, 330 of which are Glidden Professional Centers. We produce, market and distribute some of the world’s finest coatings and specialty chemicals. About 21-percent of AkzoNobel’s revenue is generated in the U.S., and some of our most innovative products have been developed or fine-tuned in our U.S. laboratories.

AkzoNobel’s Decorative Paints products are used by millions of U.S. consumers each year who choose our Glidden, The Freshaire Choice, Ralph Lauren Paint, Devoe, Flood, Sikkens and Liquid Nails brands to beautify and protect homes, decks and other do-it-yourself projects. Our decorative brands are sold in many national retailers and independent paint and hardware locations throughout the country.  Professional contractors frequent our Glidden Professional Paint Centers for a complete selection of Glidden Professional branded paints and paint-related products.

Our Performance Coatings businesses provide our industrial customers with liquid and powder coatings for a wide range of OEM products made from wood, plastic, metal and even concrete.  Our coatings are used on products as small as lipstick containers, as large as ocean-going vessels, and everything in between, including kitchen cabinetry, beverage cans, cars, furniture, computers, cell phones, metal buildings….and the list goes on!

The Specialty Chemicals side of our business provides U.S. companies with quality ingredients for life’s essentials. Some of the products enhanced with our chemicals include shampoo, nutritional supplements, paper, plastic, building materials, pharmaceuticals and even food.

We collaborate closely with our colleagues in other regions to share technological innovations and best practices, and jointly serve customers who are looking to align with global supply chain partners.

So next time you eat ice cream, use shampoo, paint your bathroom, or sit at your kitchen table, perhaps you’ll think of AkzoNobel – because chances are pretty good that our coatings or chemicals in some way made the production of those products, and many more, possible.

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