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Acros Organics

Acros Organics Belgium
Phone: +32 14 57 52 11
Acros Organics is a Fisher Scientific Worldwide company.

Acros Organics’ roots lie with Eastman Kodak Laboratory Chemicals and Janssen Chimica which were brought together in 1994 to form Acros Organics.

Acros Organics is the alternative source for fine chemicals in prepack and semi-bulk quantities and is offering more than 18,000 organic chemicals for research and industry. A great many of these products are also available in bulk quantities.

As part of Fisher Scientific, Acros Organics is well positioned to reap the substantial economies of size that its new structure provides. It can develop stable, long-term strategies required for product and market development and for broadening its product differentiation capabilities. It gives Acros Organics a strong starting-position for winning new customers and improving its service to existing ones


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