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Shovkunenko 8/20, Office 52
03049 Kiev Ukraine
Contact(email): sales@attercop-chem
ATTERCOP-CHEM is a young but rapidly growing innovative supplier of fine organic and inorganic chemicals. We provide a large range of products, from the clean simplicity of mono-functional reactive intermediates to building blocks and multifunctional templates and scaffolds chemical building blocks and advanced chemistry services.

In the near future we intend to complement our assortment of fine chemicals by offering a vast array of small molecules, building blocks and multifunctional templates and scaffolds according to our customers' needs. If you fail to find the product of your desire in our catalogue don't hesitate to ask us about availability. In case we do not offer a certain compound we would be glad to produce it for you on request.
High diversity of our products and services gives a unique toolbox for synthetic and medicinal chemists in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and agrochemical industries

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