Bioscreening Company Directory


ASDI 601 Interchange Blvd
19711 Newark United States
ASDI, Inc., established in 1988, is a leading provider of materials management services for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries around the world. From our origins as a provider of screening compounds, our business has evolved into a global organization focused on providing the highest quality services, through innovation and increased efficiencies, to enable pharmaceutical research and drug discovery.

ASDI continues to lead the industry by developing technologies and techniques in dispensing and distributing compounds for high throughput screening libraries. We have expanded the weighing of dry powders to include a state of the art liquid handling suite that draws upon more than 30 years of industrial experience.

By utilizing our U.S., European and Asian based chemistry resources, ASDI has designed and synthesized novel lead-generation libraries and our chemistry resources have both custom and commercial synthesized building blocks.

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