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ACD/Labs is the only software company to offer solutions that truly integrate chemical structures with analytical chemistry information. Our applications are driven by a deep understanding of the chemical features that contribute to the spectral and chromatographic signal. This intimate connection between your data and the science of what it means translates into multiple advantages: clarity, efficiency, accuracy, and seamless communication.

Alone or in combination with each other, these tools enable the transformation of many disciplines:

Spectroscopic Validation of Structures

Elucidation of Unknown Substances (Metabolites, Process impurities, Degradants)

Chromatographic Separation

Preformulation of Novel Drug Agents

Medicinal Chemistry

Chemical Patenting and Publishing


ACD/ Name to Structure Batch
Description Generate structures from systematic and non-systematic chemical names of general organic, and selected classes of biochemical and inorganic compounds.
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Description Generate Names from Structures Determine chemical names according to the nomenclature rules agreed upon by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry ( IUPAC ), International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology ( IUBMB ), and the Chemical Abstracts Service ( CAS ). Generate Structures from Names Create chemical structures for systematic and semisystematic names of general organic compounds and many natural product derivatives.
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ACD/Name Batch
Description Generate accurate systematic names for a wide variety of chemical structures according to IUPAC nomenclature recommendations and CAS Index rules. This program is available for both Windows and Linux platforms.
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ACD/Name Chemist Version
Description Generate systematic names according to IUPAC nomenclature rules, and create chemical structures from systematic, trade and trivial names, and registry numbers inside the ACD/ChemSketch interface.
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Intranet Deployment
Description ACD/IUPAC Name, ACD/INDEX Name, and ACD/Name to Structure can be deployed to numerous users throughout your corporation via corporate networks.
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IUPAC Name Generation for Small Molecules
Description ACD/ChemSketch allows users to determine the chemical name according to systematic application of a preferred set of IUPAC nomenclature rules for molecules containing no more than 50 atoms, and no more than 3 rings, with atoms from among only H, C, N, P, O, S, F, Cl, Br, I, Li, Na, and K.
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Online service: IUPAC Name Generation for Small Molecules
Description Chemists who occasionally require quality naming for non-proprietary complex chemical structures, but do not usually work with the rare naming options, can take advantage of free and pay-per-use ACD/Labs Online service.

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